Employee Directory

Cliff Phillips President

Mike Bellione Operations Manager Bellione@CONUSInterstate.com

Marvin Martinez Operations MMartinez@CONUSInterstate.com

Sergio Carrillo Operations Carrillo@CONUSInterstate.com

Darrel Bernett Operations Bernett@CONUSInterstate.com

Chase Rock Operations Crock@CONUSInterstate.com

Tiffany Whitney Accounting Whitney@CONUSInterstate.com

Angela Shaw Accounting AShaw@CONUSInterstate.com v775-358-8003

April Ofria Accounting AOfria@CONUSInterstate.com

Ray Nicol Accounting Manager RNicol@CONUSInterstate.com

Josh Zainos Safety Safety2@CONUSInterstate.com

Mike Presley Sales Manager Presley@CONUSInterstate.com

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CONUS Interstate, Inc

155 Glendale Ave #4
Sparks, NV 89431

t. 800.234.7658
p. 775.358.8003
f. 775.358.9458

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Conus Recruitment Forms


Please check that you completed all required forms.


  • Attach a copy of your authority.
  • Attach a voided check if you would like to participate in direct deposit.
  • Completed W-9.


1 Step 1
NEW CARRIER / Conus Interstate Inc.
Dateof appointment
Emailyour full name
Nameyour full name
DBAyour full name
Legal Nameyour full name
Mailing Addressyour full name
Cityyour full name
Stateyour full name
ZIPyour full name
Phoneyour full name
Cellyour full name
FAXyour full name
Contactyour full name


Driveryour full name
Company Emailyour full name
Driver Emailyour full name
Federal Tax #your full name


SSN #your full name
DOT #your full name
California ARB #your full name
Drayage #your full name
Attach File
(Send copies of DOT Authority #, California MC #, ARB #, or Drayage #)

1. Please contact your insurance provider and have them PROVIDE an original cargo and liability

certificate naming CONUS Interstate, Inc. and CONUS Transportation, Inc. as ADDITIONAL

INSURED (Minimum of $100,000 cargo insurance required.)

2. Complete and sign the attached carrier agreement and return with this sheet, W-9, FMCSA

MC#, ARB cert, Drayage cert. UCR, copy of Cab Card.

3. Complete the attached for DOT compliance

4. Workers Compensation insurance: yes / no provided certificate.

5. If desired, complete the Conus direct deposit (ACH) enrollment form and attach a voided check.

Please Note: This information is required BEFORE payment of freight bills can be processed.

Insurance Cert Per Sample
Carrier Nameyour full insurance carrier name
Contact Numberyour full insurance carrier name
Upload Photo of Insurance Credentialsupload
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1 Step 1
Company Nameyour full name
Fed Tax ID#/SS#your full name
Company Phone & Cell Phoneyour full name
Remittance Emailyour full name
Remit to company name if different from company name listed above (i.e. factoring companyyour full name
Street Address Line 1your full name
Contact Nameyour full name
Line 2your full name
Fax #your full name
Cityyour full name
Stateyour full name
Countryyour full name
Postal Codeyour full name
Beneficiary Account Nameyour full name
Type of Accountpick one!
Beneficiary Account # (DDA)your full name
Routing (ABA) Numberyour full name
Bank Nameyour full name
Bank Phone #your full name
Cityyour full name
State/Provinceyour full name
Countryyour full name
Postal Codeyour full name

 I authorize Conus Interstate Inc. and the banking institution listed to deposit funds automatically to the account. If

funds to which I am not entitled are deposited to this account, I authorize Conus Interstate Inc. to direct the

banking institution to return said funds. This authority will remain in effect until I have cancelled it in writing.

Upload Voided Checkupload
Carrier Nameyour full name
Carrier Signatureyour full name
Approving Officer (Factoring Company)your full name
MC # or DOT#your full name
Dateyour full name

 Direct Deposit is Net 5 days upon receipt of all signed, completed delivery paperwork.

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1 Step 1
Please fill out the section that applies to your company

1.  I certify that,

Carrier Namefull carrier name

is enrolled in a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program (Consortium), to be incompliance with FMCSA Regs Pt 40 and/or California Vehicle Code and Senate Bill 871.

- OR -
Name of Program/Consortiumyour full name
Dateof appointment

2.  I certify that,

Carrier Namefull carrier name

is in compliance with Part 40 of the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations (Procedures For Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs)

Does your Company currently use ELD’s?pick one!

Please Note: 

We have accounts that are requesting this information now and they WILL NOT load a truck without this documentation.

Your Nameyour full name
Dateof appointment
Phone Numberyour full name
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  1. Must be able to legally haul at least 48,000 Lbs.
  2. Must be able to haul double stack rolled roofing. This includes having enough V-boards to handle the top and bottom level.
  3. Must have the following equipment:
    1. Tarps to cover load 9’ high & 48’ in length
    2. Winch bar
    3. (16) 30’ load straps
    4. (2) gut wrap straps
    5. 150’ of rubber rope
    6. (32) plastic corners Or
    7. (12) aluminum V boards
  4. Must be licensed for the 11 western states (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico)
  5. We require you to have a cell phone or pager so that we can contact you when we need to.
  6. Must be enrolled in a drug consortium, and have documentation to prove so. Please see the Verification For Compliance form in the package.

Pay Methods

Signed, original paperwork is needed is needed to pay on any load. Tiffany Whitney processes pay for Independent Carriers.

  1. Walk-In
    Bring your signed, original paperwork into our office in Sparks, NV, and within an hour we will give you a
    check. Tiffany Whitney is down the hall and the first desk on your left. Drop paperwork in the black
    basket labeled “Walk-In Carrier Pay”. There is no fee for this service.
  2. Quick Pay or opt for ACH Direct Deposit
    Mail your signed, original paperwork into our office in Sparks, NV, and a check will be mailed out, to the address provided by you in the carrier packet, the same day. There is no fee for this service.

Dispatch/Operations Areas & Numbers

Mike Bellione – Operations Manager
Claims, Carrier and Customer disputes, Rates and all other operational needs.

Chase Rock – Northern Nevada Dispatch Supervisor

Sergio Carrillo – Bay Area (North Of Fresno to Oregon Border) PHX and Las Vegas,

Darrel Bernett – All Van Dispatch/Flatbed Northwest, TX,NM, CO, ID , UT and CANADA

Marvin Martinez – Los Angeles Area (Fresno to Mexico Border) and Phoenix

Dispatch Phone: (800) 234-7658

Dispatch Fax: (775) 358-9458

Local Phone: (775) 358-8003

Local Fax: (775) 358-7247

Conus Interstate, Inc